1 Oct

WOOF! Hello! My name is Dashiell the doggie! My Mommy J was so excited to bring me home that she decided to welcome me by making this blog! She’s so excited she’s preparing this blog for me and I haven’t even come home yet! She was so charmed by me after we met for the first time that after, she went to True Value (and braved her dust allergies) to buy me toys and a little collar and leash, and went home and made me my own little Tumblr-thingummy. Isn’t she sweet? And obviously very bored only a few days after taking the bar exams..

Anyway! Mommy J decided to name me Dashiell because she’s a fan of hard-boiled fiction and noir films.. and because I’m a Maltese.. She thinks only a few people would get why my name is Dashiell but decided my nickname could be Dash, which isn’t so bad (better than Dashie or Dasher, or Fluffy or Baby or Puppy Pupperson or other things she calls all puppies). And also because her boyfriend very rightfully refused to have her name me Malteser.

I can’t wait to come to my new home and start my swashbuckling puppy adventures. WOOF!


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