Getting groomed at Pet Studio

19 Oct


My little muppet. A surprisingly well-behaved Dash getting groomed at Pet Studio at Presidents Ave, BF, Parañaque City. 18 October 2010

I should’ve taken more pictures of the shop. I found Pet Studio when my boyfriend and I were looking around BF for a place to get his Shih Tzu, Ally, groomed. We ended up getting Ally groomed at this terrible place with extremely unfriendly staff who barely talked to us and handled Ally very roughly.

Anyway, we were looking for a place to buy Ally’s favorite treats after because she seemed a bit traumatized by the experience and we came across Pet Studio. I felt comfortable with the place because they looked extremely well-stocked and clean. Plus, an adult Maltese was being groomed very carefully when we checked it out. I thought that was a good sign, since the lady owner of the Maltese said her dog was (in her words) “mapili, nakakabwiset.” Her entire family also came along with her, which I thought was pretty sweet. The staff at Pet Studio also answered some of my questions very well, and I ended up buying Dash’s crate there, to prepare for Dash’s arrival.

About a week or so later, Dash came home. One day, after we were leaving Alabang to go back home to Fort, I decided to pass by Pet Studio to buy more supplies, and eventually decided to have Dash groomed there. The same sales staff assisted me and helped me pick out shampoo and conditioner for Dash, made specially for white hair and gentle enough for puppies. I was also happy to see that they had bitter apple spray, which I haven’t seen in some pet stores. Didn’t get to buy it though!

The groomer was also very gentle, quick and efficient, and made sure to ask me questions about how I wanted Dash’s hair cut, etc. And Dash certainly made him smile! I mean, how can you not smile while combing a ball of fluff that looks like that?

It cost P450, which is what they charge for grooming small toy dog breed puppy. I’m happy that the second groomer I’ve visited in BF is one that Dash and I are both comfortable with. And Dash now looks and smells like a little ball of cotton. 🙂



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