Phototripping with Ally

24 Jan

Last month, Daddy D and I took Ally out for a walk in High Street. I decided to practice some of my pet photography skills (or lack thereof). It’s too bad Dash wasn’t able to join us. He was busy getting pampered in Alabang. On weekdays, I stay in the area, nearer to my office, and leave Dash with my family. I get extremely sad not seeing him all the time like I used to, but I know it’s better for him because I live alone. He’s happier there, where there are cats to chase, grass to roll in, and people to pamper him. I can’t wait until I get to see him every night again.

ANYWAY! Here are the pictures! It’s honestly still so hard for me to take really good shots of adorable Ally but I think these are some of her best photos yet! If anyone has any tips on how to take pictures of dogs, please, do share them!

where does that tongue come from?
Super excited for her walk! Her tongue kept lolling out the whole time!


Sitting all “ladylike” on the grass.. What a tongue, though!


A little slanty eyed, just like her daddy..


I like to call this move the SNARF-LICK


In Hobbes and Landes yet again.


Oh, look, another Alaskan Malamute! You can tell from the picture though that he’s checking someone else out..



Here’s also a semi-incriminating video.. well.. incriminating and embarassing for Ally. I just love the part where she looks up at him as if to say, “FML.”


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