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A happy puppy post-grooming

1 Feb
Post-grooming Dash

30 January 2011

Dash looking happy after getting groomed by iPaw! They offer mobile grooming services in the Metro Manila area. I love how the groomers cut Dash’s hair and how they handled him. Plus, the owners take photos of your doggie, for no extra charge. And, if they have paper, they’ll print the photos for you after. Check out their FB page, they have so many cute client doggies 🙂


Bad hair days to come..

8 Nov

I should’ve listened to Huskee and Hershey and put off Dash’s hair cut a little longer! I took Dash to the groomer behind South Supermarket here in Alabang (I didn’t even bother to remember the name) and the groomer obviously had no idea how to cut his hair! He looked absolutely confused and was obviously making it all up along the way. I tried to give my input and make sure he didn’t cut it too short, which I’m glad it did, because it could have gone a lot worse! And I did not appreciate that they charged a flat rate of P650. It was way too expensive, especially since other places will charge less and do a much better job. I should’ve pulled him out of there right away.

The result.. well, suffice to say, it looks really weird. He still looks adorable, like always, but walking along he looks a little funny, to put it lightly. The hair was cut really short on the body and on most of his face except for the top of his head, which is still way too long in what looks like a little bowl cut or a mullet. SIGH. The lesson for newbie puppy owner Mommy J is: don’t be too eager to just try out new grooming places on a whim or simply because they’re nearer your house.

mommy, i'm pissed. this is a MULLET.

Mommy, I’m pissed. This is a MULLET.

dash's best friends

After, I thought maybe he’d feel better if, instead of one-on-one toy playtime, he could immerse himself with three of his best friends: Little Kong, Ropey, and Unindentified Red Dude from Hong Kong

angrily taking out new haircut woes on his favorite toy
Angrily taking out his new haircut woes on his favorite toy.


New nickname to add to the growing list: Grasshead.

8 November 2010