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Ally and Dash Meeting 1

24 Nov

GREAT NEWS! I got a job at a law firm and I started there earlier this week. Also.. Ally and Dash met last weekend! The bad news is.. DASH WAS INCREDIBLY RUDE! Daddy D wanted to surprise me by not announcing when he’d arrive at our house so Daddy D and Ally bounded in, and ran straight into Dash in a barking frenzy. The little guy is really quite territorial. He still barks sometimes when people come into my room unannounced, and when I’m at the condo he goes nuts when delivery boys arrive. It’s been hard for me to try to train him to stop because my mom and the other people in the house think it’s adorable when he barks. They think it’s really cute that he’s so matapang supposedly, or courageous.

I did what I could and immediately took the dogs outside to more neutral grounds. I did what was recommended in an article I read on the internet (will link it here for reference if I find it again) and asked D to go with me to take the two dogs for a walk. It actually went well while they were walking, but when I eventually took them back inside I noticed:
Dash sniffed Ally all the time and wouldn’t let her sniff him.
Ally looked really stressed most of the time. Her tail rarely left the space between her legs and her tongue was just hanging out the whole time. I tried to give her a doggie massage to let her relax a bit, and Dash responded by nipping me. Hard and deliberately. Seloso!
Dash barked and snapped at Ally whenever he thought she was making herself too comfortable in his little kingdom.
Dash stole Ally’s water, toys and food! And not just the treats that D brought over for Ally. Dash literally SWALLOWED Ally’s kibble. He managed to take about four pieces from Derick and swallowed them all at once.

Haayyyy. Next time I’m really keeping them together on neutral grounds. D really thought that Ally would dominate Dash if they met because she actually has boundless energy and could definitely take Dash in a fight. But it’s always important to understand that the way dogs interact with the world and with each other is really more psychological than physical. I’ll just have to keep trying to teach Dash some good manners. The two will eventually have to learn to tolerate each other. There’s no getting around that.

I’m also learning that the initially shy Dash is really quite territorial and a little ma-pride, not only matapang. I should’ve figured this out when he and Asti, our 7 year old diva Shih Tzu, met. Dash didn’t back down from Asti’s wild barking for one minute and proceeded to just make himself at home. They exchanged a few snaps, too, which I couldn’t believe Dash did considering that Asti qualifies as an overweight giant Shih Tzu. Now, Asti just mostly ignores his existence.

It’s too bad that I don’t have any pictures of Asti on hand. She’s a really beautiful dog and she knows it. The problem is, she HATES cameras, even cellphone cameras that don’t have flash or any lights of any sort. It’s really quite sad because she’s gorgeous even at 7 years old!

Anyway, here’s two pictures from Ally and Dash’s first meeting. These were taken in the evening because we didn’t have much time during the day.

Ally the sweetie pie! Without flash, you’ll never see her eyes, which are really quite cute. (I also want to clarify that the lady wearing pink from head to toe is not me, but my mother.)

The culprit taking Ally’s food and water..

Maybe if Dash saw this picture of her, he’d be a little more smitten and less crude.