Bonifacio High Street

14 Nov

First off, I’d to say THANK YOU to Ms. Rita Neri for her advice on Dash’s grooming. I will be checking out those products soon! She is the owner of Dash’s gorgeous parents, and I want to do my best so Dash can look as gwapo as his dad 😉

Anyway, we had a quick lunch at Bonifacio High Street, which is probably one of the favorite places to take your dog here in Metro Manila. In fact, I’d say it’s really close to turning into a dog slash kiddie park. On any given weekend there are huge numbers of both running around and tumbling all over the place..

Dash is still very cautious about the world and the last time he didn’t seem to enjoy High Street all that much – his first encounter with a little child, he promptly got so scared he peed himself. This time, we tried to keep him away from the hustle and bustle of the children and other dogs. With the help of lots of water to cool down because it was a very hot day, he was so happy and excited to be walking around that he peed twice and pooped once. (Thankfully, Daddy D cleaned it up very neatly :D)


Plotting how to take over the Fort from the comfort of Daddy D’s lap.


We hung out at Hobbes and Landes, which is the only store in High Street that sells pet goodies and one of the few that lets dogs inside. We enjoyed some frozen yogurt and I beat Daddy D at a digested version of Cranium, while Dash took a nap and actually PEED ON THE FLOOR. How embarrassing! Thank GOD the Hobbes and Landes staff seemed to be very used to doggies having little accidents on the floor. Anyway, as you can see from the picture I met the most gorgeous Alaskan Malamute puppies. YES they’re puppies! And to think, they’re going to get bigger!


What gorgeous creatures. They were asleep when Dash arrived, and when they woke up Dash was a little spooked. I don’t blame him at all, Dash is probably the same size as a malamute’s head! It was funny how he belatedly let out his tiny little “ruff!” bark right after they left. Tapos na ang away, Dash!


This has absolutely no relation to doggies whatsoever but I found one of my favorite paintings on a cake from Marta’s Cakes in Serendra. I’m not a cake person at all, so I can imagine this sitting in my fridge in a sort of exhibition, along with all the (mostly untouched) stuff in there. 😛


On a rainy day

11 Nov
my little foot warmer

My little foot warmer.
(Did you know dogs sleep with their eyes open? Sometimes I think he does it to keep his eye on me, because no matter how deep his sleep is, he’ll get up when I do and follow.)

11 November 2010

Youtube Vid: Guide dog interviews

8 Nov

Repost from Pup Culture (Fort Bonifacio) on Facebook. And I thought job interviews at law firms were stressful 🙂

I’ll post about Pup Culture one of these days after I go back!

Bad hair days to come..

8 Nov

I should’ve listened to Huskee and Hershey and put off Dash’s hair cut a little longer! I took Dash to the groomer behind South Supermarket here in Alabang (I didn’t even bother to remember the name) and the groomer obviously had no idea how to cut his hair! He looked absolutely confused and was obviously making it all up along the way. I tried to give my input and make sure he didn’t cut it too short, which I’m glad it did, because it could have gone a lot worse! And I did not appreciate that they charged a flat rate of P650. It was way too expensive, especially since other places will charge less and do a much better job. I should’ve pulled him out of there right away.

The result.. well, suffice to say, it looks really weird. He still looks adorable, like always, but walking along he looks a little funny, to put it lightly. The hair was cut really short on the body and on most of his face except for the top of his head, which is still way too long in what looks like a little bowl cut or a mullet. SIGH. The lesson for newbie puppy owner Mommy J is: don’t be too eager to just try out new grooming places on a whim or simply because they’re nearer your house.

mommy, i'm pissed. this is a MULLET.

Mommy, I’m pissed. This is a MULLET.

dash's best friends

After, I thought maybe he’d feel better if, instead of one-on-one toy playtime, he could immerse himself with three of his best friends: Little Kong, Ropey, and Unindentified Red Dude from Hong Kong

angrily taking out new haircut woes on his favorite toy
Angrily taking out his new haircut woes on his favorite toy.


New nickname to add to the growing list: Grasshead.

8 November 2010

Someone needs a haircut

7 Nov



7 November 2010

Dash Photobooth

7 Nov
Photo on 2010-11-04 at 19.31 #5
Photo on 2010-11-04 at 19.31 #4
Photo on 2010-11-04 at 19.31 #2
Photo on 2010-11-04 at 19.31

4 November 2010


24 Oct


24 October 2010